8 Magical Organizing Products That’ll Instantly Bring Order to Your Home in 2021

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If you’re anything like us, then you’ve resolved to make 2021 the year that you finally get organized (after making the same resolution last year, and the year before, and the year before that, of course).

But also, if you’re anything like us, you have no idea where to start.

That’s where having the right tools comes in. Not only can the proper supplies and products make organizing a breeze, but they’ll also make the process—dare we say—fun.

So after consulting with professional organizers from coast to coast, we’re bringing you the eight products you’ll need to finally get your home in tiptop shape in 2021. Go on with your bad organizing self—and have a blast!

1. Dividers for unruly drawers

Organizing Products
4-piece foldable drawer dividers fabric box set


Are your dresser drawers overflowing with underwear, socks, and other pieces of clothing you’ll never be able to find? Then you just might need a set of these fabric drawer dividers ($22) from Wayfair.

“These are amazing in drawers to create compartments and divisions so everything doesn’t get all jumbled up,” says Liz Jenkins of A Fresh Space. “They aren’t a permanent installation, but for clients who don’t have built-in dividers, they’re life-changing.”

2. Wheeled storage for cleaning products

Organizing products
Whitmor three-tiered rolling cart


You know that corner or cabinet of your house that’s stuffed to the brim with cleaning products and other household supplies? Well we’re here to bring those babies out into the light (where you can actually find what you need without creating a brand-new mess).

“We all know that cleaning items come in so many different shapes and sizes,” says Mary Cornetta of Sort and Sweet. “By having extra tall shelving or racks, you don’t have to worry about what can fit and what can’t.”

Stop stuffing all your cleaning products into a pile, and try this Whitmor three-tiered rolling cart ($40) from Macy’s.

3. Pots and pans lid organizer

Organizing products
Euro satin-nickel steel lid organizer

Home Depot

Speaking of piles, we didn’t forget about the stacks of lids taking up all the space in your kitchen cabinets. Rather than constantly searching for the right lid for your Tupperware containers or pots and pans, you might try using a few of these steel lid organizers ($15) from The Home Depot.

“This is one of our favorite organizing products because of how versatile it is,” says Cornetta. “We not only use it to store lids—which makes them easier to grab—but also baking sheets, cutting boards, trivets, muffin tins, pie plates, and more.”

4. Can racks for your pantry

Six-tier double can racks
Six-tier, double-can racks


Nothing can make a kitchen feel chaotic quite like a precariously arranged tower of canned goods—especially during a pandemic, when many of us are guilty of stocking up on shelf-stable foods.

“These can racks help you to see what you have on hand, rather than blindly buying at the grocery store,” says Cornetta. “They also give you a limit to the amount of items you can store at once, thus reducing pantry clutter.”

Bring order to your kitchen with one of these six-tier, double-can racks ($60) from Kohl’s.

5. Not-so-lazy Susan

Organizing products
Two-tier Lazy Susie


She might sound lazy, but this little organization wonder is anything but.

“Lazy Susans are a game changer in the kitchen,” says Hannah Hearin of Home Refreshment. “I love these for baking goods or oils, and the one with dividers is perfect for organizing medicine, school or art supplies, and bathroom essentials as well.”

Do yourself (and your cabinets) a favor, and pick up a two-tier Lazy Susie ($25) from Macy’s.

6. Clutter-defying paper shredder

PowerShred paper shredder
PowerShred paper shredder


One of the best ways to make more space in your home this year is by ditching all that extra paper clutter like old bills and bank statements.

“For security reasons, it’s a lot better to shred than simply throw out,” says Cornetta. “If you have the time, or teens who need chores, it can save money rather than bringing it to a shredding company.”

Clear your closets of all that extra paper with this PowerShred paper shredder ($180) from Kohl’s.

7. Irresistible label maker

Organizing products
Dymo label maker


The only reason I don’t have one of these in my house is that everything would be labeled—including the dog (yes, they’re actually that fun). If you’re someone with a little more self-control—and a number of real things to label—you can’t go wrong with adding one of these Dymo label makers ($25) to your toolbox.

“These are super helpful for families or roommates,” says Cornetta. “Especially when multiple people are using the same items and need to know where to find them and put them back.”

8. Handy closet utility rack

Organizing products
Whyalla closet mop and  broom organizer


Somehow, cleaning supplies such as brooms, mops, and dusters seem to accumulate at rapid speed and, before you know it, they’re eating up an entire corner of every closet in the house.

No more, we say! Get yourself a few of these Whyalla closet mop and broom organizers ($14) and never compete in ultimate closet wrestling again.

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