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  • How I Got Started Flipping Houses

    Earlier this year I sold my 200th house flip. These are not wholesale deals that I never technically buy or fix up, these are house flips that we buy, renovate and sell. It has been by no means easy to do this many flips and I have had my fair share of problems along the … Read more

  • House Flipping 101: The Complete Guide to Fix and Flips

    House flipping can be an amazing business and I love it! I have been flipping for almost 20 years now and flipped over 200 houses. I have flipped more than 100 houses in the last five years and I don’t see myself ever stopping! However, it is not easy to fix and flip a house … Read more

  • How to Invest in Real Estate with Less than $10,000

    I recently wrote an article about how to make $10,000 a month with rental properties. I have personally surpassed that number and will keep going, but not everyone is at that stage in their investing life. What about those who do not have much money and are looking to get started investing in real estate? … Read more