Green Fluid Leaking From Car

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How to Identify Car Fluid Leaks by Smell and Color with Scotty Kilmer The DJR Team Penske Mustangs were each creeping away from the following car when officials determined that Coulthard … members in the boot of the #12 Mustang in a bid to address a fluid leak which m…

07/09/2011  · hi my 2001 vw beetle manual is leaking fluid with the consistency of water but there’s more.the car is shuddering and smells like burning oil from the back also from the back is a loud thud. the ac doesn’t work very well and decides when to come on. now that the car has leaked im afraid to …

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Your car is leaked anti-freeze / coolant. This fluid is vital to the engine. Unlike regular water, it doesn’t freeze at 32 degrees. This is important, as when water freezes it expands, and cause serious damage.

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The photo above, from Allstate, is a handy reference guide to six common car puddles you might encounter. Brake fluid is one of the most dangerous leaks to worry about, our sister site jalopnik

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