Rv Refrigerator Exhaust Fan

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Add a Cooling Fan to your 3 way RV Refrigerator Some gas /electric RV fridges can have trouble keeping cold on hot days and there is a fairly simple modification you can do to improve their performance. Gas electric or absorption style fridges use an upper and lower vent …

The camco refrigerator roof Vent Cover with Solar Fan mounts to the roof of your RV, keeps dirt and debris from getting into the vent, and features a solar panel that powers an included fan.

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The RV refrigerator fan‘s job is to keep your fridge at a steady temperature, regardless of how hard the sun is beating down on your rig. The problem is an RV refrigerator is unlike a residential fridge.

RV Fridge Fan Mod RV refrigerators create heat. When you eliminate or move the heat away from the vented compartment you can increase the refrigerator’s efficiency up to 40 percent.

One of the best RV refrigerator fans on the market are made by Valterra. However, this little mighty fan steels the win out of them all. Powered by 12V DC, this fan delivery powerful circulation to your refrigerator, keeping it cool and reducing energy use from the condenser fins.

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