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  • Here Are The Best Student Loans of 2021

    The best student loans can help you earn a college degree that will lead to higher earnings later in life. They also come with low interest rates and reasonable fees (or no fees), which will make it easier to keep costs down while you’re in school and once you’re in repayment mode. For most people, […]

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  • What is Credit Card Churning? Dangers and Benefits

    Credit card issuers have consumers right where they want them, lending money at high-interest rates and earning money from many different fees. Even reward cards benefit the issuers, because all the additional perks and rewards they provide are covered by the increased merchant fees, which essentially means the credit card company offers you extra money to incentivize you to spend, and […]

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  • Point Rewards Debit Card – Earn 5x/3x/1x, $49 Annual Fee

    Point is a new rewards debit card on the market. Let’s take a look in this quick review. Annual fee of $49 No sign up bonus, although you can get 50,000 points (worth $50) when signing up through Drop Card earns at the following rates: Earn 5x on subscription purchases Earn 3x on delivery and […]

  • Using Credit Cards During COVID-19

    Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we’re all trying to figure out the new normal. Whether you’re working from home, have a houseful of kids to keep busy or find yourself facing financial uncertainty, everyone has at least a little adjusting to do. While you’re taking stock of your life and what you… Read More

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  • Best credit cards for couples

    If you’ve said your vows or joined your finances with your partner, it might be time to move past the credit card that’s been by your side all through your single years. Here’s a rundown of some of the best rewards cards for couples.